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Eureka vacuum cleaners: The best vacuums in the world

The Eureka  company is the most popular and most excepted vacuum cleaner companies all over the world. Unlike the other brands, Eureka only deals with making vacuum cleaners of all sorts and considered as the most reliable vacuum cleaner brand these days. In spite of the heavy competition in the marketplace, Eureka is still the best seller among many other companies. Eureka Company founded in 1909 in Detroit, Michigan by Fred Waddell and since then, it has been leading the vacuum cleaner industry. It has been over a century since its foundation; still no one has ever edged the company to slip over to the next position. They are also responsible to build one of the lightest vacuum cleaners in the world.

eureka vacuumSince 1909, it is extremely popular in America including 44 different countries. It is famous for its iconic upright vacuum and most of the consumers believe that it is the perfect upright vacuum cleaner you can purchase. As stated above, they make light weighted vacuum cleaners than any other company. The Eureka model 96D is only about 5lbs and it is a rechargeable/cordless unit. With such a light weight, it becomes very easy to clean the places that are normally very difficult to clean. It also does not contain any heavy bag. It comes with dust cup, which is quite easy to empty. However, if you wish to buy one of these vacuum cleaner for yourself, then can easily found one on any electronic store or the most suitable way nowadays, you can order it online. On the Internet, you can find different kinds of eureka vacuums of various size, weight and colors. Below are given some of the best vacuum cleaners, which consumers are using satisfactory:

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister: This light weight vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning smooth floor surface such as woods and tiles. You can get your hands on this product well below the amount of $100 including a long and flexible hose.

Eureka 4870 Boss Upright: It is the most suitable vacuum cleaner for everyday household work. It contains a 12 AMP motor and HEPA filtration system. Furthermore, this model of eureka can also cover the cleaning of all kinds of ground varieties, so you will be able to use it anywhere be it your house or workplace.

Eureka Rapid up Palm Held: This palm held vacuum cleaner is one of the coolest vacuums available in the market. It is quite gentle at 5 pounds that means you can easily tote it around you and also contains a long hose that will assist you in cleaning stairs or other difficult areas.

Eureka capture: It is a bag less vacuum that weighs a little over 21.2lbs. It is also very effective that contains dual powered edge Kleeners. With this in your hand, you do not need to be concerned about dust building up at the edges around your house. It comes with many handy tools most notably the pet power paw nozzle, which is designed to clean off the dust and pet hairs from upholstery and stairs. You can find this product in about $139 on the Internet.

Eureka air extreme: This product also weight around 21lbs and use a vacuum bag to seal off the dust. It is well capable of capturing more than 99% of allergens and dust particles from your floors and stairs. It has six piece additional tools that help in cleaning ceiling and hard to get areas. You can buy this for around $140 easily.

About reviews

Not every eureka vacuum review describes the things a machine like 3684F model can do. One of the main element perceptive Eureka vacuum reviews needs to contain full description about the product. For instance, reviewing the 3684F model its features must be described as

A HEPA filter
12 Amps of Power
Less than 10 pounds of weight

You can discover more than dozens of eureka vacuum cleaner from light weighted and canister to upright and central vacuums to consider, all you need to do is take your time and search for the most appropriate for yourself. Visiting the Eureka official website would be best option or you can order it from any online shop.

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