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Eureka Boss: the Solution to All Cleaning Problems

eureka bossEureka is one of the leading providers of cleaning solutions in the world and the glowing Eureka vacuum reviews from satisfied customers are testament to the fact. The company has introduced many different vacuum cleaner models in the market to cater to a broader consumer base. The Eureka Boss SmartVac 4870 PZ happens to be one of the most consistent bestselling products of the company, with a ton of orders.


The vacuum comes with incredible suction power and includes a cleaning path measuring almost 15 inches.The Eureka Boss boasts of excellent pick-up from every type of floor.The equipment is not prone to tipping over while utilizing the hose.


Might prove to be difficult to operate for new consumers.The entire setup is a bit on the heavy side which makes moving it up and down the stairs somewhat difficult.The motor makes a lot of noise. Comes with just two-years of warranty.

The Eureka Boss is a must-buy for every pet owner. The machine features both a sort of filtration as well as a unique tool designed for the purpose of removing as much fur, dander and hair from the surroundings as is possible. Consumers would benefit from placing an order for this vacuum in case their home environment is prone to allergies. The vacuum is packed with a sealed HEPA filtration system that is able to capture and hold about 99.97 percent of allergens, pet dander and dust particles.

Before placing their order and confirming their buy, consumers can double-check whether or not the HEPA filters meet the specific efficiency standards established by the US Energy Department. The review of the product found online is sure to prove satisfactory.

The vacuum comes with a 12-amp motor. The Eureka Boss cleaning device is also equipped with other valuable features like a switch for turning the roller brush on and off which allows the user to switch off the brush when polishing hardwood or other bare floor surfaces. This helps prevent the formation of any scratches. The vacuum can be adjusted to conform to the heights of various surfaces for cleaning.

The 15-inch wide path for cleaning results in fast and simple work due to the need to make lesser number of passes across the room. Review suggests that the only noticeable drawback seems to be the need to replace belts and bags.

Build of the Eureka Boss Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the household will become a much easier task owing to the cord of the vacuum which extends for almost 30 reach. A decent cleaning reach indicates that there is no need to plug and unplug the vacuum frequently while moving about the house. The suction can be controlled in order to apply greater force while cleaning areas which tend to attract ducts quickly, like carpeting. An odor-control dust bag seems to be also included in the package, which is especially helpful for owners of pet animals who love their animal companion but cannot tolerate unpleasant smells.

Many different kinds of accessories are included with this crevice tool, meant for the purpose of removing dust and grime from small, tight regions such as between the cushion of the house or appliances for the kitchen. Upholstery nozzle comes in handy when cleaning cushions, curtains and furniture. While lampshades, Venetian blinds are all cleaned with a dusting brush, an extra tool for cleaning comes with a "Riser Visor. A no-frills kind of machine, the Eureka Boss has a minimalistic yet attractive design.

Help and Support Services

Eureka manufactures the Eureka Boss vacuum with a warranty period of two years which some consider might be too short. The company can be contacted by the customer via phone or even by email. The website of the company boasts of many instructional videos. Designed mainly for owners of pets, the Eureka Boss comes in handy during other situations that require cleaning.

The Eureka Boss retails in the market at a very low price but still manages to retain the quality of work of selling carpets. The machine boasts of a lightweight design which makes it easier to push without the risk of any kind of strain.

The Eureka Boss vacuum cleaner retail for $160 online but it is possible to buy it from a local store dealing in electronic goods.

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